I’ve been working and traveling all over the world since the early 1990’s. During some of
that time I used to send out a newsletter that included a bit of a travelogue, including
some pictures from a number of wonderful places. I’ve removed the content here, and
left the pictures simply for your enjoyment. Just click on the links below for anything
you’d like to see. Enjoy!

Late 2001
Istanbul, Turkey
Beijing, China
Hong Kong, China

January 2002
Locations: Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, Japan
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Mumbai (Bombay), India
Assisi, Florence, Italy

August 2002
Santa Cruz, California, US
London, England

January 2003
Quebec, Canada
Vienna, Austria

June 2003
Friends from various places:
Singapore, London, England,
Santa Cruz, California, US, Helsinki, Finland

December 2003
Vienna, Austria
Montreal Canada,
Chicago, Illinois, US

January 2005
Williamsburg, Virginia, US
Phuket, Thailand

January 2006
New Orleans, Louisiana, US
Austin, Texas, US
Aspen, Colorado, US
Montreal, Canada
Vienna, Austria
Bucharest and Transylvania, Romania
Prague, Czech Republic

November 2006
Hong Kong, China

February 2007
Lagos, Nigeria
Transylvania, Romania
Sofia, Bulgaria

February 2008
Sydney, Australia
Bali, Indonesia