NLP Is ...

Neuro-Linguistic programming: The study of the structure of subjective experience. That means it’s a field of study (not a technique, brand name, theory, therapy method, passing fad, or anything else). What we study in NLP is how people learn, think, communicate and make changes.

Neuro: the workings of the human brain

Linguistic: verbal and non-verbal communication

Programming: patterns in thinking and behaving

Through the study of highly successful people, we in NLP have discovered common patterns that exist in effectiveness. We have isolated, refined, and taught these same patterns to many other people wanting that same effectiveness the “experts” have. NLP training provides the real nuts and bolts of human functioning and communication necessary to achieve success in any field where people must perform or work with one another.

 NLP is full of practical applications, aimed at everyday situations, needed by everyone. It can be learned by anyone, regardless of technical training or academic background. Over the past twenty-five years Neuro-Linguistic Programming has helped many thousands of people become more effective in both their professional and personal lives. These people have learned to communicate better, perform more effectively, and live much more full and rewarding lives with the changes NLP has brought to them. This technology has proven itself in psychotherapy, business and organizational development at all levels, education and training of all kinds, and more recently, medicine and dentistry.

The South Central Institute of NLP

The South Central Institute of NLP has been operating since 1982. It is approved by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Richard Bandler and Associates, to conduct certification training programs. The Institute provides a wide range of in-house training and consultation services, as well as other professional services and consultation. Also, the training, assessment and Certification to become a Practitioner and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Certification is granted jointly by SCINLP and the Society of NLP, through Richard Bandler and Associates, in California.

The journals say ...

"NLP cannot be dismissed as just another hustle.  Its theoretical underpinnings represent an ambitious attempt to codify and synthesize the insights of linguistics, body language, and the study of communication systems."  Psychology Today

"[NLP] does offer the potential for making changes without the usual agony that accompanies these phenomena ... Thus it affords the opportunity to gain flexibility, creativity, and greater freedom of action than most of us now know...."  Training and  Development Journal

"[NLP] is not snake oil ... NLP could be the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication to emerge since ... the sixties."  Science Digest