Teaching Learning for Parents Video Course

If your kids struggle in school, say they hate school, or worse, have lost interest or hope in their ability to learn, what you are about to discover can change their lives. 

If they have trouble concentrating, difficulty studying, trouble recalling what they read or heard, you can transform their lives. 

These strategies have worked for thousands of children around the world and they can work for your children too. 


Your Child Is Not To Blame

When most of us were in school it was very different than it is now. Some kids have to deal with much more than difficult subjects: Covid-19 protocols, teachers buried in regulations and paperwork, social media overwhelm, political issues that have trickled down to the classroom, and in some cases metal detectors, active shooter drills and more. Not only that, they’re asked to learn difficult to understand concepts much earlier, and younger, than most of us. It’s not easy.

Teaching Learning For Parents Video Course is a Game Changer

The simple brain based learning technology in this course will increas your child’s ability to quickly absorb and process information. Naturally. Automatically. Effectively. Regardless of the subject (math, art, reading, etc.) your child can learn to absorb like a sponge and get a deep understanding of the material.

Better Grades Are Only the Beginning

Children who succeed in learning are happier and have higher self esteem. As an independent learner, your child will have the confidence to get better grades and accomplish more, no matter what their experience or struggles have been. 

My Child, A Learner? You’ve Got The Wrong Kid!

Well ...

Thea hated math. She didn’t even know why it was important. “Why, just why?” was all she said. One very simple technique changed that for good. Her mother: “… she is excited to study at school. Her first years of school were not easy but now this seems to be gone …”

Radu had difficulty remembering. Another simple technique changed that and made it much easier for him.

Mac didn’t know how to study for his history exam, coming up the next day! A simple adjustment to how he thought about it and he could remember everything and do a great job on his test ... for the first time ever.

Ioana was stuck on her math homework. Simply changing the focus from what she didn’t understand, to what she did, and adjusting the order she worked the problems made all the difference. And she did it all herself with no help on the math part at all.

A young second grader couldn't understand ANYTHING he read. He went from 0% (0!!) on his reading comprehension to an 85% the next day with a few minutes of a different kind of practice. His father’s reading improved at the same time!

You Can Use The Same Tools That Helped Them! Best of all, it can help you as well. Parents often find that their own learning improves while they're helping their children. And, your relationships can improve while you do it. Get past the arguing, the demands, the frustration and endless cycle of pain that can make learning and school a nightmare. Use the tools. Solve the problems. Gain the skills. Build of future of learning, enjoyment, growth and hope.

You Can Help Your Children Better Than Anyone

Since the 1970's I've has been working with parents and children to improve their learning skills, tackle problems in school and at home and get past many of the common frustrations that parents and kids face every day. In addition to my 4 classic books for teachers and parents, I've conducted workshops for parents and their children all over the world. Now, with this video course, you can gain these same skills and help your own children, right in your own home–at your own pace. No one knows your children better than you. No one can help them gain these skills better than you. With this guidance you can succeed even where the best teachers and counselors haven't.

My Promise

I want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. The key to satisfaction is how your child, or children, respond to this program. Give them 90 days to start applying what you share with them. If you don’t see a significant change – you be the judge – just let me know and I’ll issue a prompt refund and we’ll still be friends.

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