This is a South Central Institute of NLP Intensive introductory program in a 4 Day format. Come join us and experience the magic of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

NLP 4 Day Intensive Training Program–July 2024

An intensive training experience in basic NLP ideas, skills and methodology

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This is LIVE In-Person Training. For good reason ...

Anyone who wants to gain the skills in running their own work, their own mind and their own life will benefit for themselves, just as much.

In this basic course, Dr. Jacobson will introduce you to this stunning field and allow you to develop real skills to help you in every area of your life. Come with specific challenges or goals you are working on and you’ll have the opportunity to directly apply what you learn in an immediately and personally useful way.

Any professional who relies on effective communication, real problem solving skills, and organization and change skills will benefit from this course–invaluable for just about anyone involved in the helping professions, education and training, medicine or business. This is also likely the most important and valuable course any helping professional can attend.

This NLP 4 Day Intensive course also serves as the first section of the complete NLP Practitioner Training Program. You'll have the opportunity to register for that program at the completion of the NLP 4 Day Intensive.

Dr. Jacobson has been offering training programs like this all over the world for over 45 years. Come join us and benefit from his vast knowledge, skill and experience.  

NLP Is...

Neuro-Linguistic programming: The study of the structure of subjective experience. That means it’s a field of study (not a technique, brand name, theory, therapy method, passing fad, or anything else). What we study in NLP is how people learn, think, communicate and make changes.

Neuro: the workings of the human brain

Linguistic: verbal and non-verbal communication

Programming: patterns in thinking and behaving

Through the study of highly successful people, we in NLP have discovered common patterns that exist in effectiveness. We have isolated, refined, and taught these same patterns to many other people wanting that same effectiveness the “experts” have. NLP training provides the real nuts and bolts of human functioning and communication necessary to achieve success in any field where people must perform or work with one another.

NLP is full of practical applications, aimed at everyday situations, needed by everyone. It can be learned by anyone, regardless of technical training or academic background. Over the past twenty-five years Neuro-Linguistic Programming has helped many thousands of people become more effective in both their professional and personal lives. These people have learned to communicate better, perform more effectively, and live much more full and rewarding lives with the changes NLP has brought to them. This technology has proven itself in psychotherapy, business and organizational development at all levels, education and training of all kinds, and even including, medicine and dentistry.

In the NLP Intensive Training Program you will:

Learn how people actually learn, understand, think and communicate, using some of the most advanced technology available

Increase your sensory acuity & sensitivity to the subtle cues that other people give in communication

Learn advanced techniques of establishing, measuring and maintaining rapport with just about anyone, in any situation

Learn to listen to the sensory modalities in other peoples' language to better understand them and how to communicate with them

Learn to read the subtle indicators of people’s internal processing to understand how to work with them   

Develop the ability to alter and control your own state of mind to be more effective in just about any situation in your personal or professional life

Help others understand and change their own states of mind for greater effectiveness, efficiency and problem solving

Control your own best learning states, useful for all future learning opportunities

Apply these ideas and skills in influencing others for greater effectiveness

Learn how to help people accept the ideas you present to them

A Great Location!

This course will be held in Metairie, LA in a location conveniently near food, shopping and more. 10 minutes from Louis Armstrong International Airport. 10 minutes from downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter.

DATES:                 July 25-28, 2024, Thursday-Sunday

LOCATION:          Metairie, Louisiana

TIMES:                  9AM to 6PM each day

TRAINER:             Sid Jacobson, PhD

TUITION:              Super early bird $595 until July 1, 2024. Early bird $675 until July 12, 2024. Regular $725.

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10 Great Reasons to Attend This Training Program:

Sometimes people see what is possible, but still aren’t sure if this is for them, or if they’ll fit in. Hundreds of people have been through these intensive training programs and we know the reasons why. If you fit any of the following, then the answer should be clear.

  1. You find you have difficulty handling stress, getting past fear and doubt, solving problems and moving forward in your work and your life. You wish you had specific methods for making it easier. You will have the experience of working on your own issues and goals during the workshop.
  2. You know you have blocks from your past that need to be released but you are too scared or you just don't know how. We’ll show you.
  3. You help others for a living and you’re looking for the most effective approaches in the world. NLP technology, applied in this model, will give you a lifetime of knowledge and skills to explore and adapt to all the work you do, as well as your personal life and goals.
  4. You want to improve your communication with better clarity and impact. Nothing else comes close.
  5. You really want to understand and improve your relationships with everyone in your life. We’ll show you how rapport really works and help you develop the skills you need.
  6. You have trouble dealing with the difficult people you encounter in your work and your life. NLP was developed around principles of handling resistance in communication and behavior.
  7. You want to know yourself better and more deeply understand how you operate inside. That’s the core of NLP.
  8. You’re fascinated with understanding people and want something that is fresh and new, rather than some tired old learning theories and methods. NLP is that.
  9. You just love spending time with other skilled people who want to improve and help others as much as you. That’s who you’ll meet.
  10. You want to learn from someone with real world training and presenting experience, in a variety of settings. Sid Jacobson has been doing this work for over 45 years, in industry, health and mental health care, education, sports and personal development, all over the world.


The event will take place in New Orleans


7/25/2024 2:00:00 PM
7/29/2024 12:00:00 AM

How Much


Sid Jacobson, PhD


Dr. Jacobson offers consultation and coaching in a variety of areas. Personal, professional, organizational. Also, writing, presentation and training skills, and design.

Sid Jacobson, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized expert in training and development. He has been a Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming for over 40 years. Sid has worked as a researcher, trainer, and consultant to professionals, hospitals, schools, clinics, businesses, and professional athletes. He holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Sid is also the author of five books on education and business, and the co-author of another on writing, as well as many papers & articles. He currently consults and trains people in counseling, coaching and business all over the world. He has conducted training and provided consulting to many of the world’s largest multi-national corporations, in addition to schools, government bodies, universities, banks, and more.

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